Explorer of the world

Explorer of the world Poster
Poster 70x50 cm Preis: 10,- Euro (inkl. Hängeleisten 13,-)
The great voyages of discovery. They drove into the distance and broadened the horizons of their contemporaries: the explorers. In search of new trade routes, adventures, treasures they found a new world. This poster introduces the most important explorers and their routes.

The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire Poster
Poster 60x84 cm Preis: 12,- Euro
The millennial history of the Roman Empire is described demonstratively in short paragraphs. The poster shows the regents of the republic and the emperors of the different dynasies well-arranged at time-lines and containes the dates of their times of reign.

Hegel Posters

The System

Hegel’s system as poster **3 x 95 cm   (3 x37,5 inches)

Philosophy of the Classical Antiquity

** Expansion of the system part

Philosophy of the Classical Antiquity as poster

3 x 57 cm      (3 x 22,44 inches) 

World History

** Expansion of the system part

Hegel’s Philosophy of World History as poster

**3 x 57 cm      (3 x 22,44 inches)

The Judgement and Syllogism

** Expansion of the system part and

Hegel’s judgement tables as poster Hegel’s sylogism tables as poster

**2 posters a 3 x 57 cm (3 x 11 inches)


Pricing and Postage


All Hegel posters (5 German and 5 English) on 2 uncut sheets (sizes see above):

15,- Euro/US Dollars

Explorer Poster

One Sheet:

10,- Euro/US Dollars


postage in a tube:

Germany: 5,40  Europe: 10,10  World: 14,40 Euro/US Dollars

postage in an envelope (posters folded accordingly)

Germany: 1,45 Europe: 4,50 World: 6,- Euro/US Dollars


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How to order

Please order, comments etc. at info@bildungsposter.de